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Direct-to-Film (DTF) Image Requirements


Please read and follow all instructions below before ordering.

All uploaded images for Gang Sheet Builder or Uploading Your Own Gang Sheet:
  • PNG format (if you have specific spot colors, pleases contact us)
  • Transparent background
  • DO NOT MIRROR YOUR ARTWORK, our software does this automatically
  • No neon/florescent/highlighter colors
  • Make sure images aren't overlapping or off the page to avoid image getting cut off
  • Artwork should be sized to fit the dimensions of the product it will be printed on
Images should be high quality when uploaded. We print exactly what is uploaded, therefore, if your supplied image is blurry, your printed image will be blurry. Please ensure it's the highest quality and not stretched/warped. If there is an issue with the file, you will be contacted and/or your order will be cancelled. Please verify your order is correct before checking out.
COLORS: We are not responsible for colors, you must check your colors. We do not match colors, and we do not check colors for you. RGB color mode is recommended. 
RETURN POLICY: We are unable to offer returns or exchanges as all items are printed as orders come in with your specifications.

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